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    Current version: 8.8.9 (May 4, 2024)

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Google Play does not allow you to create multiple apps with similar functionality. As a result, we needed to remove eWeather HD and leave only eWeather HDF. If you are an eWeather HD user than you can install eWeather HDF for free, click eWeather HDF - menu - options - report and we will remove ads from eWeather HDF on your phone.

The first App in the world with US Radar Widget, Weather Map Widget and Earthquakes Map Widget.

Elecont Weather is the most informative Android application about the environment: Current weather and weather forecasts from different weather providers, NOAA weather alerts, latest earthquakes, live radar, geomagnetic storm forecast, pressure change indicator and moon and sun calendar, METAR.

• 2 world-known weather providers: MET Norway & OpenWeather
• HD radar: High resolution radar (USA and Japan only)
• Air quality and air pollution: PM25, PM10, CO, 03, NO2, NO etc
• Tornado and hail probability (USA only)
• 10 notification indicators in the status bar: temperature, moon phase, earthquakes, alerts, barometer etc
• 17 original widgets of the weather, radar, time, moon phase, barometer, geomagnetic index, and UV index
• 10 day forecast
• Weather archive for seven years
• Animated Doppler NEXRAD radar on Google maps for USA except Alaska and islands
• 130,000 locations all over the world
• NOAA (NEXRAD) radar widget on OpenStreetMap (for USA only)
• Sea surface temperature
• Tides forecast
• Earthquakes widget on OpenStreetMap
• Weather Alerts (Advisory, Watch, or Warning) from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) for USA
• 100 latest earthquakes in the world on Google map
• Barometer with headache indicator
• Moon phase, Sunrise and sunset times
• Weather map with temperature and precipitation
• Geomagnetic storm forecast
• 24 hour by hour forecast
• Current weather conditions
• Only uses 8 KBytes of internet traffic per city for each weather update
• World clock
• METAR from weather station (except Foreca)
• UV index
• Precipitation probability and amount: rainfall and new snow fall amount
• Follow by location (uses GPS or Cell Network location determination)
• Send weather forecast, weather alerts, Earthquakes by e-mail

The NOAA Doppler radar (NEXRAD) map shows rain, snow and hail movement on Google Maps around your location in real time which updates every 10 minutes. The Doppler radar is available only for USA (except Alaska and islands). Radar widgets based on OpenStreetMaps.

Elecont Weather is an easy to use, handy assistant for staying informed about changing weather conditions.

Elecont Weather has a built-in barometer. A diagram is displayed which shows the atmospheric pressure changes for the past 24 hours. A red warning display is produced when the barometer detects changes.

The most unique feature in this application is the “Weather Clock”. It provides all of the previous information in an hour-by-hour clock format and is very interactive, informative and fun to use. Check it out!

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