eWeather HD 3.16 for iPhone,iPad,MacOS and Apple Watch - Get accurate weather 10-day forecast - future rain radar, weather alerts, wind, rain, snow, temperature of air, humidity, dew-point, uv-index, geomagnetic activity and more eWeather HD 3.16 for iPhone,iPad,MacOS and Apple Watch - Get accurate weather 10-day forecast - future rain radar, weather alerts, wind, rain, snow, temperature of air, humidity, dew-point, uv-index, geomagnetic activity and more

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eWeather HD for iPhone, iPad, MacOS and Apple Watch

10-day weather forecast, hourly forecast, weather radar and maps, weather alerts, NOAA buoys, earthquakes, tide predictions, widgets and more...

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The World's only iPhone, iPad, MacOS and Apple Watch weather app specifically designed to provide all the info you need in one place. It's designed to look beautiful and work beautifully. eWeather HD provides a lot of features, but not at the loss of elegant display simplicity. Get accurate and reliable 24-hour and 10-day weather forecast utilizing unique multi-provider system, nationwide radar images, severe weather alerts, earthquakes, storm/typhoon tracks combined with data from NOAA buoys, sea surface temperatures, historical weather data and climate averages, tide times and tide charts and much more…

eWeather HD is an elegant, easy-to-use and powerful forecast application. It combines ten day and hourly forecasts from two weather sources with a beautiful radar images and unique "weather wheel" interface. eWeather HD uses the latest technology to show the current temperature right on the home screen and notification center.

eWeather HD will help you to plan your outdoor activities with the amazing accuracy. Just take a look at the Weather Clock and you’ll be informed when you should take an umbrella! eWeather HD also includes interactive weather maps, earthquake map and detailed severe weather maps.

eWeather HD is the first app which uses two sources (located in the U.S. and E.U.) to bring you precise hourly forecasts as well as a full ten day forecast. Multi-provider system lets you choose the most accurate weather data for your location.

eWeather HD uses latest technology to show you the current temperature (or feels like temperature) of any location right on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Home Screen! In addition to the temperature badge, you can set up the app to notify you of any changes in the weather as they happen, right in the home screen, Today screen or Notification Center.

Barometer - a diagram showing the pressure changes during the past 24 hours. Now you always know the cause of headaches or migraines if it is linked with changes in the air pressure. When a dangerous pressure change has been detected the diagram will change the color.

Another great feature is a weather alert system which includes push notifications and notification center support. This makes it even easier to keep tabs on what’s going on around you.

* Ad-free. No limitations. No subscription fees. No hidden costs. Frequent updates.


eWeather HD release 3.16

Release notes for eWeather HD 3.16
• Added four new weather widgets to iOS and MacOS apps.
• Based on an original idea, “Weather Clock” Widget lets you put a simple, smart and beautiful animated clock with hour-by-hour Weather forecast right on your Home screen.
• “Now” Widget provides current weather conditions including temperature / barometric pressure diagram with alert for weather dependent people.
• “Hourly” Widget provides the latest 3-hourly weather forecast and temperature diagram
• “Daily” Widget provides daily forecast including day and night temperatures
• Bug fixes and performance improvements for all devices.

Make your home screen beautiful with new Weather Forecast widgets for iOS & MacOS!

eWeather HD release 3.12

Release notes for eWeather HD 3.12
• Added support for iOS 14 Home Screen widgets. Personalize your Home screen with Live Weather Clock widget!
• Added support for Siri shortcuts. Get quick access to Current weather conditions and barometer, hourly and 10-day weather forecasts, Weather Alerts, Air Quality, Tide times and Earthquakes.
• Improvements in Apple Watch app.
• Fixed issue with Zoomed display mode on some devices.
• Bug fixes and performance improvements for all devices.

eWeather HD release 3.11

Release notes for eWeather HD 3.11
• Added support for Dark Mode
• Added support for Graphic complications for WatchOS 5 and higher
• Bug fixes and performance improvements for all devices.

eWeather HD release 3.10

Release notes for eWeather HD 3.10
• Actual weather conditions in your favorite places list and pop-up windows.
• Lightning Tracker. Live lightning strikes near your area or anywhere in the American continents. Provides visualizations of lightning strikes occurred up to 6 hours.
• Global Air quality. Air pollution data including PM2.5, PM10, Ozone, NO2, NO, CO concentration. Provides actual air condition and forecast (depends on location).
• Severe weather alerts and warnings for Canada and Brazil.
• Added over 1000 new tide locations in the U.S.
• Better graphics and timings for cloud cover layer in the U.S.
• Improved support for 12.9” iPad screens.
• Fixed a bug with “Zoom” mode on some iPhone devices.
• Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

eWeather HD release 3.9

Release notes for eWeather HD 3.9
* Added support for native screen resolutions of iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR
* Added support for Apple Watch series 4 40 and 44mm screens
* Improved layout of 10-day weather details window for iPhones and iPads
* Improved layout for Widgets and Apple Watch app
* New data item "percentage of cloud cover" added to 10-day weather details
* Day length and day length difference (with previous day) added to 10-day weather details
* Added two interactive extensions: Weather Now (displays actual weather conditions and barometric pressure) and Weather Clock (the most accurate hourly weather forecast)
* Added seven shortcuts to weather (radar) maps, detailed 10-day weather forecast, Weather alerts and warnings, Earthquakes, Air quality index, Buoy data and sea temperatures, Tide times and charts * Air Quality coverage extended to all European countries
* eWeather HD reports realtime Air Quality and forecast
* Air Quality data includes AQI and various air pollution parameters including PM2.5, Ozone and other values (depends on station)
* Added support for Watch OS 5 and Apple Watch series 4 Other improvements
* Fixed a bug when weather map (and earthquake map) popup windows stopped to work on iOS 12
* Fixed issues with iPhone X on iOS 10"
* Fixed layout issues in weather widgets on iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max
* Fixed issues with Apple Watch app when it stuck on "Please add city to iPhone app"
* Fixed issues with location-based readings in Apple Watch complications
* Privacy policy available in "About" window
* Various server-side improvements and speed optimizations

eWeather HD release 3.8

Release notes for eWeather HD 3.8
iPhone X and iPad 10.5"
* Added support for iPhone X
* Added support for iPad PRO 10.5" screen
* New "Black" theme for iPhone X OLED Screen
* New "Dark" mode for Today screen extensions (Widgets)
* Better graphics for Weather Clock on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
* eWeather HD 3.8 provides new iMessage app
* Send beautifully designed Weather Clock to your friends
* Share actual weather conditions and weather forecast with 8 parameters
* Air Quality coverage extended to all Europe including European part of Russian Federation (till meridian 45° east of Greenwich)
* eWeather HD reports realtime Air Quality and forecast
* Air Quality data includes AQI and various air pollution parameters including PM2.5, Ozone and other values (depends on station)
* New eWeather HD provides better Complications for Apple Watch
* Better localization for Complications and PUSH notifications on Apple Watch
* Faster update speed for Complications

eWeather HD release 3.7

Release notes for eWeather HD 3.7
• Predictive weather radar for the U.S.,
• Air Quality Data U.S./Europe/Russia, Air Quality layer for weather maps,
• Current wind maps and wind forecasts,
• New display for UV and % of precipitations for Weather clock mode (Weather clock widgets)
• Animated forecast weather and wind layers ,
• PUSH notifications for changes in air pressure (health alerts),
• PUSH notifications for severe events in Europe and Russia,
• Improved PUSH notifications for changes in weather conditions,
• iOS10/iOS11 detailed windows for PUSH notifications (Weather, Alerts, Air pressure),
• three new widgets for iOS 10/iOS11 including animated and compact hour-by-hour widgets, 10-day forecast and current weather conditions,
• 3-D touch widget for iPhone,
• complications for Apple Watch app,
• new screen with current weather conditions for Apple Watch App,
• detailed window for PUSH notifications in Apple Watch app,
• four new visual themes with Night Mode,
• updated design for almost all modes and screens,
• a lots of improvements in graphics, performance and usability.
• Better support iOS 11
detailed list of changes

eWeather HD release 3.6

Release notes for eWeather HD 3.6
• Geo-targeted severe-weather alerts and home screen badge. New eWeather HD uses your current location (even if the app is in background) to send you severe weather alerts for your physical location and (or) display temperature on home screen badge.
• Background updates. eWeather HD refreshes weather data in background (when the app is closed) using smart algorithms so you'll get updated data when you open the app. It works even for "Follow me" locations.
• Spotlight. Now all your cities, saved in list of favorites are accessible directly from Spotlight.
• 3D-touch quick actions (using force touch on home screen).
• Weather Glance for Apple Watch. The glance provides immediately relevant information about current weather conditions and weather forecast for the next 9 hours. Tap on the glance to open Apple Watch app.
• Multiple locations in PUSH notifications for severe weather alerts (U.S. only). You may specify up to 5 different cities for PUSH alerting.
• Ocean/sea buoy stations (see Alerts/Earthquakes/Tide/365 section). eWeather HD provides up to ten different values from over 700 stations across the world. The amount of reported data depends on buoy station. By default the app reports data from closest buoy, however you may override it and choose the best station for your location.
• Improved tide predictions for over 4000 locations in the U.S.
• Support for multiple Apple Watches.
• Customizable severe weather alerts for PUSH notifications. Enable or disable particular severe weather events from over 127 different types for PUSH notifications.
• eWeather HD introduces a scheduler for severe weather alerts. Now you can specify a time when you want to get push notifications for severe-weather events: (1) When alert starts (the app currently works in that mode) (2) On time of publication, (3) Adjustable delay (up to 60 minutes) before alert becomes active

eWeather HD release 3.5

Release notes for eWeather HD 3.5
eWeather HD introduces unique Apple Watch app that provides:
• hour-by-hour weather forecast, temperature of air, sky conditions, "feels like" temperatures
• UV index,
• chance of precipitations,
• wind speed and direction,
• geomagnetic activity index,
• humidity
• dew point.
• Severe weather alerts and notifications about changes in weather conditions are available as notifications on your Apple Watch.
• Apple Watch app displays weather for active city (in your iPhone app) or you may set a specific location for Apple Watch
• Severe weather alerts for European countries: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Czechia, Poland, Portugal, Slovak, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden
eWeather HD provides tidal predictions for more than 16,000 stations worldwide.
• Tide data is available in 10-day weather forecast mode and as a new layer on weather map
• The app provides interactive tide graph,
• solunar chart
• high tide, low tide levels and times
• Sun/Moon times
• You may override tide station for your favorite locations
• Better support for iOS 9 and iOS 10
• Resolves issues with Google+
• Fixes issue that causes crash in Earthquake section
• Fixes issue with 365-day climate data for some locations
New languages
• Norwegian language
• Improved Danish translation

eWeather HD release 3.4
Hurricane tracking: The app display projected tracks of active storms.
Weather & sea temperatures for the next 365 days (long range forecast based on historical data). Swipe your finger around a circle to get data for specified date.
In addition to the alerts the app will display Additional notifications about upcoming events: Solstice, Equinox, Sun eclipse, Moon eclipse, Polar day, Polar night.
Improvements in user interface related to “Alert & Earthquake” section
Forecast sharing via Google Plus, VK.COM

eWeather HD release 3.3
Full-featured, all-in-one, 64-bit weather app. Works on any device with iOS 5.1.1 and higher.
Gorgeous animations for iPhone and iPad Retina HD displays
Realtime air pressure data anywhere your iPhone 6,6+, iPhone 7,7+ or iPad Air
Hourly weather forecast widget for iOS 8, iOS 9 and iOS 10 ("Weather clock" interface based on original idea)
New weather forecast widget for iOS 8 and iOS 9 (up to 10-day weather forecast)
Forecast sharing via Google Plus, VK.COM

Key Features:
• Two Reliable, Accurate Data Sources based in the U.S. and E.U.
• The most accurate 24-hour weather forecast with hour-by-hour accuracy
• Full-text, long-term 10-day weather forecast
• 365-day weather data and sea surface temperatures
• NOAA/NWS Realtime severe weather alerts using PUSH
• Severe weather alerts for USA and Europe
• Interactive map of severe weather areas
• NOAA buoys / Marine weather
• Global storm tracks, projected paths and affected areas
• Animated weather radar and nowcast for Japan (JMA)
• Animated weather radar (NOAA, HiRes, U.S. only)
• Animated satellite cloud cover (U.S., Europe, Asia)
• Live temperature / “Feels like” temperature on your home screen (using Home screen badge)
• Current weather in Notification Center using PUSH
• Worldwide earthquakes provided by USGS and EMSC
• Global sea surface temperatures
• Space Weather Predictions: Geomagnetic activity forecast
• World Time & World Weather
• Interactive weather maps ( radar, satellite, severe weather, current weather, forecast, water surface temperature and earthquakes)
• “Follow me” (weather based on your physical location)
• Severe weather warnings for U.S. and 14 European countries
• All weather data (including alerts, radars and etc.) can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or mail

Features include:

• Worldwide weather: 2,000,000 locations included
• Weather Clock interface based on original idea
• Air Quality and Air pollution
• Current weather conditions including humidity, wind and pressure
• Sunrise and Sunset times
• Moon day, Moon phase, Moon set and Moon rise times
• Feels like temperature
• Hourly precipitation forecasts
• Rainfall, snowfall amounts
• Barometric pressure and the temperature trend diagram displays the last 24 hours
• Realtime air pressure from internal sensor
• Hourly UV-index forecast
• Locations can be added by GPS, Zip Code, or by browsing the location list
• Space Weather Predictions: Geomagnetic activity forecast (NOAA)
• NOAA Buoys & global sea surface temperatures

Overview of the detailed weather features:

  • • Ten-day weather forecast including
    • - Day/night conditions
    • - Wind speed and direction
    • - Probability of precipitation (rain or snow)
    • - Rainfall, snowfall amounts
    • - Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, moon day & phase
    • - Ultraviolet index, geomagnetic activity
  • • Hourly weather forecast for the next 24 hours
    • - Temperature and feels like temperature
    • - Humidity, dew point
    • - Probability of precipitation (rain or snow)
    • - Rainfall and snowfall amounts
    • - Wind speed, direction
    • - Ultraviolet index and geomagnetic activity
  • • Current weather conditions
    • - Temperature and feels like temperature
    • - Humidity and dew point
    • - Pressure of air
    • - Realtime barometric data from air pressure sensor
    • - Wind speed and direction
    • - Temperature of water

Radar specifications:

• Hi-Def Predictive Weather radar for U.S. (NOAA) for iPhone and iPad
• Hi-Def Predictive Weather radar and nowcast for Japan (JMA) for iPhone and iPad
• High-definition, animated, rain/snow radar from the NWS for the entire U.S. (except Alaska) and Canadian cities near US/Canada Border)
• Play, pause animations at any zoom level
• Zoom in and out, drag and scroll
• Multiple map styles - terrain, satellite or standard


• 4-km, IR, Cloud cover animated images
• Data provided by GOES 13, 14, 15, MTSAT, EUMETSAT
• Continental U.S., Europe, Asia Pacific (Japan, Australia)

Sea surface:

• Data provided by NOAA buoys and satellites

Severe weather (Meteo alarms, alertas):

• Full coverage for the entire U.S.
• Push notifications
• Detailed descriptions
• Severe weather alerts for almost all European countries:Austria,France,Germany,Italy,Spain,Switzerland,United Kingdom, Czechia, Poland, Portugal,Slovak, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina,Bulgaria,Croatia,Cyprus,Denmark,Estonia,Finland,Greece,Hungary,Iceland,Ireland,Latvia,Lithuania,Luxembourg,Macedonia,Malta,Montenegro,Netherlands,Norway,Romania,Serbia,Slovenia,Sweden
• Vector-based maps and detailed descriptions


• Localized in 38 languages
• Weather app designed for iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 5-3GS, iPad Air 2 - iPad, iPod Touch
• A low demand on your iPhone/iPad/iPod resources
• Retina HD Display support (iPhone 4 iPhone 5, iPad Retina, iPhone 6-7 Plus graphics)
• Languages: English, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Byelorussian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

eWeather HD - screenshots (English)