Animated Weather Map for Android

    Current version:1.2.1 (May 26, 2017)

Planning a trip? Discovering place to travel with map? Do not use simple map. Use map with future NOAA radar for USA, 10-day weather forecast, air and water temperature, road traffic and wind, population and earthquakes, air quality and tides

The app is amazing for exploring weather and planning trips and recreation and allows you to easily pan and zoom so you can get unmatched detail of weather in your neighborhood or half a world away. Additional information, presented in pop-up window, includes “feels like temperature”, humidity, local time, sunset/sunrise time, wind speed, wind direction and ten-day weather forecast.

Road traffic and weather forecast on the map will help to choose route for long trip.

Animated Weather Map shows on the Google Maps:

- air and sea surface temperature

- tide forecast

- air quality

- animated weather icons and buoys

- earthquakes and weather alerts

- weather archive for 365 days

- hurricane tracking

- local time in every city world wide

- population and road traffic

- future weather radar (USA and Japan only) and cloud photos from satellite(USA, Europe, Japan)

- dew point and humidity

- wind and distance to the current location or selected point

eRadar HD is part of the Animated weather map. Animated weather map is part of the eWeather HD. But Animated weather map has few features missed in eWeather HD. First: eWeather HD does not have animated icons. Second: eWeather HD shows only current conditions on the Google Maps. Animated weather map shows 10-day forecast and hourly forecast on the Google Maps. Third: eWeather HD does not have population and road traffic.

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